7 reasons why cold blast cold shower

Have you ever seen those people in the dead of winter swimming in the ocean?  Or travelled to mineral hot springs and jumped into a plunge pool after a hot sauna? There’s a few reasons why cold water is so good for you and with the change in season, now is the perfect time to   Read the full article  »


Switching to a natural, non toxic sunscreen is probably one of the trickiest products to transition.   There’s extremely clever marketing that can be tricky to decipher (which I am going to admit – I got wrong and purchased a chemical sunscreen! I even had previously spoken to one of the founders who made it sound   Read the full article  »

Organic Deodorant Australian Made Cruelty Free

Why natural deodorants are better for you AND how they work!  How it works? Natural deodorants work by using organic ingredients to eliminate bacteria and neutralise odour without the use of chemicals to block pores. Most natural deodorants use a blend of organic, botanical, food grade ingredients with antibacterial properties to keep you fresh all day. No harmful toxic ingredients. This reduces your exposure to endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals, carcinogens (cancer causing chemicals) and lets your body do what it is designed to do – sweat, without the smell! This also means you’re doing your part for the environment too. By making the switch to a natural deodorant it not only improves your health (we have customers comment on better health and increased energy too) by reducing your toxin exposure but   Read the full article  »


5 Tips for Reducing Single Use Plastic – Plastic Free July It’s Plastic Free July – a challenge to help consumers refuse single-use plastic during the month of July.  “Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it.” After watching ABC’s #WARONWASTEAU   Read the full article  »


Plus 5 tips to get the most out of your Face Mist this Summer! The main purpose of our Face Mist is to be used as a toner. I wanted to share a few great tips on how to use this skin glowing multi-tasking product. What Does a Toner Do & How Does It Work? Toners   Read the full article  »

Beard Oil

Beard Oil These days men are understanding the importance of looking after their skin. We have a few guys who use, and love our products already – deodorant, face and body oils, but we wanted to create something specifically for them and seeing as mine has a beard, it seemed a Beard Oil was a   Read the full article  »


Exfoliation and Our Skin Exfoliating is something we think about more in Summer. Sun kissed skin exposed at the beach, slathered in sunscreen and moisturisers. But it’s just as important to exfoliate our skin in Winter – it should be part of our skin care regime! In the cooler months heating, hot showers, cold air   Read the full article  »

Facial Cleansing Oil with Foliage

Cleansing with Oil We’ve created a fresh, super gentle blend of nourishing, soothing and cleansing oils to help dissolve make up and draw out toxins to leave your skin supple, youthful and glowing. Our oils are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins to help fight signs of aging and promote healthy, firm and toned skin,   Read the full article  »