The Babs Bodycare range has expanded to products that founder Andrea and her hubby, Matt, use everyday.  Multi-purpose and highly effective oils and balms which are gentle, easy to use and above all natural!

All products are created and blended in small batches in Melbourne with the same simple principals – to create effective, affordable, non toxic, natural products that make a difference to you, your skin and the environment. We only use the most pure plant ingredients and certified organic ingredients.

founder_babs_bodycare More on Andrea’s search for the ultimate natural deodorant…

“My personal search to find an effective deodorant started years ago. Being a gal who stank more than most due to my love of garlic and spices, which got me the nickname ‘Babs’ – friends thought my B.O. smelt like kebabs.

I was forever trying different deodorants.  I tried them all, antiperspirants 24/48 hour protection, aerosols, sprays, crystal natural deodorant roll ons etc. none were very effective at keeping my B.O. at bay.   I started making my own and found it very effective!  We had family and friends trial it and loved it and so in 2014 Babs Bodycare began.”