“A little extra” Shimmer Powder


For those who want that little bit more shimmer and sparkle – this powder is designed to be paired with our Shimmer Body Oil for a more tanned shimmery look.

Apply one of two ways

1.Apply your Shimmer Body Oil to clean damp skin, then get a make up brush and dust powder onto decollatage, arms, legs etc. and rub in.

2. Pump desired amount of Shimmer Body Oil into palm, add desired amount of powder to the shimmer body oil, rub together and apply.

You can also add a little powder into your foundation or regular body oil/body moisturiser for a hint of shimmer/instant glow, or as an eye liner/eye shadow.

We recommend using an SPF during the day while using this product.

TIP: Layering the shimmer body oil and the shimmer powder 2-3 times can create an instant tanned glow.

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